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In 2008, Andy's Pure Foods opened in Rye, New York under Andy Ozur's ownership. The cafe prioritized having fresh and natural foods with healthy menu options that were vegan friendly, dairy and gluten-free and kosher. In 2016, Andy's Pure Foods fell under new management and was renamed to The Pureganic Cafe.

Andy Ozur, who has over 30 years of experience in the food industry, made a new store, Pure Foods and Juice, in Brookline, New Hampshire. Here, he focuses on selling raw and unprocessed foods as well as fresh, local produce. Andy has an expertise in health and nutrition, and works alongside his family in his business. While they sell basic necessities for the kitchen like fresh fruit, eggs, dairy, flour, and more, Pure Foods and Juice also makes fresh food, fruit bowls, and drinks. All of their house-made products use high-quality, organic ingredients to guarantee healthy and delicious food!

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